Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday, June 6

This morning we woke up and were on the buses and ready to leave by 7 am. We were headed to Verona. Honestly before we got there I didn't really know anything about Verona, but once we arrived it was pretty apparent that this was where Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet took place. We saw signs for Juliet's tomb and for her house everywhere.

On our way to look at our first Carlo Scarpa building we stopped in front of a not important church and had a ten minute crash course on the architectural periods by Jamie. After that we went to look at Carlo Scarpa's Banca Popolare di Verona.

It's a very modern building that I'm not quite sure how I feel about. Parts of it were very cool, like the way the facade peels back at the top to expose a modern take on the classical orders. Many of the details that carry throughout the facade were also cool, but I really don't like the windows.

Most of the streets and sidewalks in Verona are paved with marble. When the marble was quarried, the fossils of prehistoric snails were found in the marble and can be seen all throughout the marble sidewalks of Verona. Note the pencil for scale. These things were huge!

Over our lunch break Brandon and I went shopping but most places were closed. So we went in the first good looking place we saw which turned out to be a really, really nice high end men's clothing store, Boggi Milano. So obviously we fell in love with everything, I tried on two shirts and got both of them, and he got one shirt. I got a polo and a linen short sleeved shirt and he got a dress shirt.

The next Scarpa building we saw was Castel Vecchio. It was amazing to see so many of his buildings on this trip that I'd learned so much about. This Castle was remodeled as a museum and Scarpa's use of reveals in this building is so cool.

After we were released by Jamie a couple of us went to go visit Juliet's house. We saw her house and her balcony, and then we posed for pictures with the statue of Juliet.

You're supposed to rub her boob for good luck, so obviously I did that ;) There's also a tunnel where everybody puts love notes which was really cute.

After that we went shopping some more and found an awesome italian department store called Coin. Nick and I found the most awesome/badass rain jackets ever so we each got one :) Dan got a pretty sweet raincoat. I fell in love with a 260 euro sport coat that looked soooo god on me and I wanted to buy it so bad but thankfully I was able to walk away.

After dinner we got milkshakes and went to chill on the bridge. We took a pretty sweet picture that could have been an ad for Coin hahaha.

Then we went back to the room, and my two roommates, John and Dan, always have some pretty wild adventures back in the room. This time I actually got some pictures of it so I'll leave you with them hahaha.

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