Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010


Last night I finished my last final, my last physics final ever, and afterwards headed to my house with Caitlyn. We got in about midnight and headed to Sheetz for my last MTO for a long time. We woke up this morning, had lunch with LB, and then left for the airport around 1. We made pretty good time and found the airport easily. Caitlyn had the pigs with her so she couldn't stay and had to drop me off a the terminal, and of course she cried. After I got through security I found my gate and hung out. I decided I was gonna learn Italian while I waited. That didn't happen. I met up with everybody else and got to know everybody. There were about 15 of us all on the same flight. Our flight was delayed half an hour for cleaning and then they told us maintenance had to fix the plane, which delayed us about another hour or so. We finally took off at 8 p.m., 2 hours behind schedule.

Once we were in the air and our screens turned on I watched Invictus. After that ended we got served our dinner, cheesy chicken and potatoes with a carrot cake. I also bought a beer. It was 5 euros for a can of bud light, but I'd never drank on a plane so I figured it was worth it :) After that they turned all the lights out and I fell asleep. In the morning I'd be in Rome :)

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