Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today was the first day of classes. Of course I slept through my alarm so I got up late. Punit woke me up as he was leaving for class, so I ran around and tried to get ready as fast as I could. I ran out the door but I still didn't exactly know where I was going so it took me a little while to find studio. When I finally got there I was about half an hour late and Romolo was just talking to the group about being here in Rome and studying at the Pantheon Institute. About 5 mins later 3 other people came in late so I wasn't the last person there :)

After Romolo, a lady from the US Embassy gave a presentation about not drinking and how if you do you'll wind up dead somewhere in Rome. Literally the same talk we've hear 20 times up til this point. We're all smart enough to be able to take care of ourselves. After her we got our cell phones and got everybody's numbers. They gave us a quick lunch break and then since Boothby's flight got delayed from the ash cloud we started studio early. Jamie gave the same presentation I've already seen from architecture so it was kinda boring for me, but it was nice to have Jamie and Jodi again. He told us to draw a box that he was holding up with an attitude as if you didn't want to be drawing it. He's done this before and I knew what he was looking for so I drew a simple four-sided box. He went around and looked at everybody's to see what they looked like, and everybody else drew 3D boxes, so he came to mine and used mine to make the point about people who can't draw. I didn't care though, I knew what he was trying to get at so I figured I'd play along. After studio we came back and made dinner as a family. By that point it was late and I talked to everyone from home and then went to bed.

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