Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Classes start every morning at 8:30. Monday we didn't have class but if we did we would have had a Jamie architecture lecture. Tuesdays we normally have a Jamie walk around Rome but we had the Pantheon Institute presentation. So this morning was the first morning we actually followed our normal schedule. Wednesday mornings we have a cartography lecture with Anne, but Allan Ceen likes to teach the first lecture of the semester so we were given his address and had to find our way to his studio. Once we got there he gave us a lecture on maps and a history of Rome. He's an interesting old man, and he has all kinds of ancient maps and little treasures at his place, it was pretty interesting.

After his lecture we grabbed pizza on the way back to our studio for our first boothby lecture. We were supposed to read our Aristotlean Mechanics reading but because we didn't have class the day before nobody knew so he just gave us class time to read. After Boothby's class we had studio, and we went to Piazza di San Ignazio where Jamie taught us how he wants us to document our piazzas. While we were there somebody's foot got ran over and we just heard some guy start screaming "Back up, back up! Back the f*** up!" and we all turned and saw that it was some older lady whose foot was stuck under the car. Shortly after that some lady tried to park but went too far and ran into a motorcycle which fell over into another bike and knocked it over. She tried to get out and put them back up like nothing happened but she was too weak. People here are crazy drivers.

All this time Jamie kept trying to teach and everybody was obviously distracted. He kept getting mad at us but there was crazy stuff going on. Jodi and I were laughing and talking an Jamie yelled at her to shut up in front of everybody. I thought it was really funny. We mapped out the piazza but he told us we weren't allowed to go in the church because he wanted to save it. Apparently it's really amazing so I can't wait to see it. After studio we cooked dinner again, and then went to my room to read for Boothby's class. The plan was to go to Botticella's to watch game 7 of the Pen's series, but Vitruvius has an amazing ability to put me to sleep. I fell asleep without an alarm set, but woke up at 2 a.m. after everybody had already left. I decided to see if I could get he game online, and when I turned it on I saw that he Pen's were down 4-0 after the first period. I decided it was hopeless and went back to bed. 

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  1. So glad you're keeping a blog! That's crazy about the way people drive over there -- watch out! ;-)